Artist Statement

Artist Statement:

The main inspiration for my work comes from the natural world of landscape. A landscape in nature can tell many stories that are layered in the colors that represent the scape. The natural world provides an endless supply of inspiration for the artistic eye. As you place the colors of the sunrises and sunsets on the paper/ canvas you invoke a mood to the audience from the vibrancy of the colors. The colors are portraying the joyous rising of a new day to the cool tones of the evening sun closing out the day. These works of nature allow me to take these intensity of colors and place them into abstract maps of places I have been. I take to abstracting images to show the imperfections in this “perfect world” we live in.

As a painter I am interested in color the most on how it reacts on the surface and with the audience. The main tool I use to convey my visual stories to the audience is color; whether it’s created from pure pigment from the earth or from a light source from a projector screen. I want to convey these emotions in my map works through colors and shapes to tell a story to the viewer to appreciate the places and emotions we all go through.