Student works from Spring 2018

Spring semester is underway, and my students are already hard working on their midterm projects. I am posting a few from the first month of class focusing on the Design Principles and understanding line and shape in a grid. 

The project is called 5X5. Students had to create a grid using 25 squares. In those 25 squares they had to incorporate line and shape using the Principles of Design as a Guide. Some students followed the grid throughout their whole piece, while others broke the grid to create a new design piece within. This assignment is a great for non art majors and art majors as it pushes the way they see line and shape in a project so that they can see beyond the grid.

18X24″, 5X5, 2018, media pastels, sharpie, and color pencils
18X24″, 5X5, 2018, Sharpie and Marker
18X24″, 5X5, charcoal, color pencil, and pastel, 2018