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Stop Motion Animation!!

As the semester winds down I wanted to share a few Stop Motion Animation I did with my Drawing 1 class this semester. Adding the element of time and motion in the drawing allowed students to take a leap from 2D into 4D.

Here are a couple examples:

Madison, Octopus, Mixed Media, Stop Motion Gif, 2017

Miguel, Turtle, Charcoal Drawing, Stop Motion Gif, 2017

Erin, Starfish, Mixed Media, Stop Motion Gif, 2017

Very proud of what the students’ accomplish in a short amount of time. All the students were glad to have participated in this project as it gave them the taste of doing their own animations. Will be posting another update later this week with more student work from this semester.


Students in my Art History class did a recreation piece for their final project. The goal of the assignment was to find an art piece in all of Art History and recreate it to their interpretation. To say the least I received a vast spectrum of art work today.

Below are examples of the students pieces and the pieces they recreated:

Katie Fiscus, “Recreation of Assyrian archers pursuing enemies” medium Digital Art, GIF, 2017. Relief from northwest palace of Ashuransirpal II. Image found in Gardner’s Art Through the Ages 15th Edition.

Chris Couture recreation of The Great Wave off Kanagawa, Acrylic, 20X16″, 2017.



Stephany Smith, Recreation of Frida Kahlo ,Two Fridas. Dress, paint, fibers, and felt., 2017.

Two Fridas, Gardners Art Through the Ages 15th Editions.


Each one of these pieces are unique to the students background in Fashion, Web Design, and Illustration.

It is good to allow students a chance to recreate a piece from art works in the past to understand how these pieces were made and used. This is one of my favorite assignments to give to my students in Art History.


2017 New Year New Works

Happy New Years fans!!! I hope the holidays were great for everyone. As for myself I have been busy working on some art works over my break from teaching. My focus so far this 2017 has been in landscapes and the nature around us.

Work in Progress, Acrylic on Canvas, 16X20″, 2017

The landscape around us can change quickly from storms coming in to the ending of the day seeing a sunset. Nature is powerful and can be shown in different aspect. I aim to take investigate further into nature and color symbolism surround around nature. I hope everyone enjoys these two works in progress!

Work in Progress II, Watercolor, 14X20″, 2017

As I finish up my break and start back teaching next week I look forward to sharing new ideas and inspiration not only with my students but also with my fans. Go outside and enjoy nature my friends! Happy art making!

New Ideas and Exploring new techiniques

Hello fans!

The past months I have been exploring new ideas within my art work experimenting with gold leaf in painting. The process was slow but the result was the reward. The painting turn out great! It good to take risk with your art works, because it can lead you into a new direction. I can not wait to add more gold leaf to my paintings in future works. Enjoy the piece below!

20X24", Acrylic, 2016
20X24″, Acrylic, 2016

Art Exhibitions!!

Cold windy day in the Midwest means more time to apply for different opportunities around the country. As I get ready to send work to Kansas City for a MAPS Juried Show from December 4th-January 29th I get excited to be apart of these events. Art Exhibitions are a great time to network meet fellow artist and peers in the community. So if you are a practicing artist apply you will never know what will happen until you do.

Rolling Hills Soft Pastel 19X27"
Rolling Hills
Soft Pastel

Art Prize is underway!

Fans if you are up in Grand Rapids, MI go participate in Art Prize 7! Vote for your favorite art piece around the city of Grand Rapids. My piece “Freedom T/C” is up there at O’Toole’s Public House. Here’s the link to the official page:

So please take some time to go out vote and see some awesome art.

Opportunities and Art Prize!

Amazing how quickly the year has gone by so far! I will be exhibiting my work at Art Prize 7 in Grand Rapids starting next week! So if you are up in Grand Rapids do take the time to see my piece! Here is the website for more information:

Along with that exciting news I will also be published in Artist to Look Out For Volume II by Starry Night Retreat. I am thrilled to be apart of this opportunity, and as soon as the book is available for purchase I will post it on this page! So be on the look out for that post.

As I close out this post today I share a couple of pieces I did at my art residency in New York this past year in August! It was an amazing opportunity and I am glad I went up there. The people and the inspiration of the landscape helped my creativity grow.

The inspiration of the landscape and clouds.
The inspiration of the landscape and clouds.
My studio wall at the residency! Very happy with the progress in my work.
My studio wall at the residency! Very happy with the progress in my work.

Can not wait to share my new works on my personal portfolio page soon!

Art Prize 7

Freedom T/C10X8" Soft Pastel
Freedom T/C10X8″ Soft Pastel

As we are heading into August I wanted to announce that I will be apart of Art Prize 7 in Grand Rapids, MI this September-October. I am very excited to be apart of this opportunity and I hope everyone will take a chance to come up and see the sites! Here is my page  It’s nice that my T/C Freedom will have a chance to be showcase again. Hope to see you all there!