FATE 2019 Conference

Spring Break a great time to get caught up on some stuff! So I have been busy preparing for the Foundation Art Theory and Education 2019 Foundation Flux Conference in Columbus, OH in April. I will be presenting my paper on “Fresh Start” on how to give our students a chance to feel welcome and appreciate in the higher edu spectrum.

Most of my paper comes from my experience at ThinkTank 10 this past summer at the University of Delaware. If you have never been to a ThinkTank before I highly recommend going to one, especially if you are teaching in High School or Higher Edu. You gain a lot of information from being apart of a ThinkTank experience sponsored by Integrative Teaching International.

My experience at ThinkTank10.

Aiming to finish up some of my collaborative artwork with the music department this weekend, so I will aim to share that here this week too.

Symbols that represent ourselves personally

Students’ in my classes this semester had to research symbols on who they were personally. Along with researching symbols they had to find one color that represented their personality. Along with researching these symbols and color, the students had to take a photo of themselves or a selfie. I call this project “Selfie Symbolism” or “Personal Symbols”. Students had fun researching more about themselves and incorporating those symbols into their projects.

Here are a few examples:


Each student took a different interpretation into the assignment and brought forth interesting composition for each artwork.  

Working with shapes and stories

My students in Drawing and Design worked on a project focusing on Positive and Negative Space. The students used references from a story they have read. They had to make the image 12X12″ and utilize positive and negative space. Creating simplified images to tell the story in a new perspective for the audience to read.

Here are a couple of examples:

Greek Myth, Sharpie Maker, 12X12″, 2018

Greek Myth, Sharpie Marker, 12X12″, 2018

Greek Myth, Sharpie Maker, 12X12″, 2018

Labors of Hercules, Sharpie Maker, 12X12″, 2018

Labors of Hercules, Sharpie Maker, 12X12″, 2018

Labors of Hercules, Sharpie Maker, 12X12″, 2018

Where the Red Ferns Grows, Sharpie, 12X12″, 2018

Where the Red Ferns Grows, Sharpie, 12X12″, 2018

Where the Red Ferns Grows, Sharpie, 12X12″, 2018




The students are now scanning these images into Adobe Illustrator to digitalizes their illustrations! Can not wait to share these works when they are finished! 

Scopes of the Landscape

As an artist I found the landscape to be one of my favorite ideas to paint. 

Acrylic painting in process

Another landscape painting in progress


My media of choice is Acrylic Paints and I have been focusing on movement and colors in a landscape. How do our eyes perceive colors on different days of the week? Is it always bright, or is it dull? These are some of the questions I am going to answer in these pieces. Please share and follow me on Instagram: @amircsov for more updates!

Student works from Spring 2018

Spring semester is underway, and my students are already hard working on their midterm projects. I am posting a few from the first month of class focusing on the Design Principles and understanding line and shape in a grid. 

The project is called 5X5. Students had to create a grid using 25 squares. In those 25 squares they had to incorporate line and shape using the Principles of Design as a Guide. Some students followed the grid throughout their whole piece, while others broke the grid to create a new design piece within. This assignment is a great for non art majors and art majors as it pushes the way they see line and shape in a project so that they can see beyond the grid.

18X24″, 5X5, 2018, media pastels, sharpie, and color pencils

18X24″, 5X5, 2018, Sharpie and Marker

18X24″, 5X5, charcoal, color pencil, and pastel, 2018

Drawing from Adult Education

Teaching is one of my main passions in art. I have had an opportunity to teach drawing classes to older adults this past fall. Some students came in with experience and others came in wanting to learn how to draw for the first time ever. To say the least, the excitement those students had for the class was awesome! 

Here are a couple of their pieces they did during my course for five weeks:

  A drawing the students work on at Picasso Coffee Shop in Main Street St. Charles, MO.


 . A series of contour line leaves study.

 Another series of contour line leaves study.

 Drawing from the backyard of creator’s house, focusing on emphasis and value.

Motion in Art and Design

Engaging students in new media technologies in art and design bring awareness to what tools they can use to convey a message to the mass media. In Drawing 1, I challenge students to create a stop motion animation focusing on the environment the ocean. They could use any media to create their stop-motion animation. 

Here are some examples of there gifs:

 Courtney, Drawing 1, Pastel, Charcoal, Sand, Shell, Adobe Photoshop, 2017

 Miguel, Drawing 1, Charcoal, Graphite, Adobe Photoshop, 2017

Art Exhibitions!!

Cold windy day in the Midwest means more time to apply for different opportunities around the country. As I get ready to send work to Kansas City for a MAPS Juried Show from December 4th-January 29th I get excited to be apart of these events. Art Exhibitions are a great time to network meet fellow artist and peers in the community. So if you are a practicing artist apply you will never know what will happen until you do.

Rolling Hills Soft Pastel 19X27"
Rolling Hills
Soft Pastel