Art Prize is underway!

Fans if you are up in Grand Rapids, MI go participate in Art Prize 7! Vote for your favorite art piece around the city of Grand Rapids. My piece “Freedom T/C” is up there at O’Toole’s Public House. Here’s the link to the official page:

So please take some time to go out vote and see some awesome art.

Opportunities and Art Prize!

Amazing how quickly the year has gone by so far! I will be exhibiting my work at Art Prize 7 in Grand Rapids starting next week! So if you are up in Grand Rapids do take the time to see my piece! Here is the website for more information:

Along with that exciting news I will also be published in Artist to Look Out For Volume II by Starry Night Retreat. I am thrilled to be apart of this opportunity, and as soon as the book is available for purchase I will post it on this page! So be on the look out for that post.

As I close out this post today I share a couple of pieces I did at my art residency in New York this past year in August! It was an amazing opportunity and I am glad I went up there. The people and the inspiration of the landscape helped my creativity grow.

The inspiration of the landscape and clouds.
The inspiration of the landscape and clouds.
My studio wall at the residency! Very happy with the progress in my work.
My studio wall at the residency! Very happy with the progress in my work.

Can not wait to share my new works on my personal portfolio page soon!

New Art Works

New works of art in progress!

Shapes, colors, and light.



Soft Pastel drawing of the moon. 20X30"
Soft Pastel drawing of the moon. 20X30″
Acrylic Paint 10X10"  Unfinished
Acrylic Paint

Art Prize 7

Freedom T/C10X8" Soft Pastel
Freedom T/C10X8″ Soft Pastel

As we are heading into August I wanted to announce that I will be apart of Art Prize 7 in Grand Rapids, MI this September-October. I am very excited to be apart of this opportunity and I hope everyone will take a chance to come up and see the sites! Here is my page  It’s nice that my T/C Freedom will have a chance to be showcase again. Hope to see you all there!

Studio time

The start of summer, means a chance to get back into the art studio fully for time to reflect, repurpose, and creative. It’s nice to get back into the daily routine of working in the studio and creating new works and series for the world to create.

Along with creating this summer I will be writing up proposals for new art exhibitions and grants to help further myself as an artist! I have made some limited editions pieces that I am selling for $25 a piece that will be put up on my shop page this week, in case anyone is interested in purchasing some original art work!

I will be posting some new works in the coming weeks, but to give you a chance to see some of my art pieces follow me on Instagram!

I have a couple of works in progress up on my page.

So please follow me on Instagram and stay tune for new ideas coming soon!

photo work done by Brandi Rayborn
“Reflections of Drip”, Acrylic, 10X10″ photo work done by Brandi Rayborn


Happy Holidays!!!!

Happy Holidays to all my fans and friends! I hope everyone is enjoying the ending of 2014 and getting ready to ring in the New Year for 2015! As I finish up this year I have been working on a couple new series that I will be posting soon for my fans enjoyment. I am also in the process of starting out something new and I can not wait to share with you all. I wish everyone Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year! Stay Tune!

Juried Exhibition!

Juried Exhibition!

Hello fans! I hope all is going well with everyone this time of year. I wanted to pass along to everyone that I am in another juried exhibition at the St. Louis Artist Guild. The exhibition is called Ann Metzger Memorial National All Media Exhibition and it is the 100th year the St. Louis Artist Guild is doing juried exhibition! A very amazing opportunity that I am glad to be apart of. The opening is next Friday November 21st from 6pm-8:30pm and the works will be up til January 4th 2015. If you are in the St. Louis area please stop by the St. Louis Artist Guild to see my piece. Also on November 21st I will be helping out with my class from school to judge an exhibition at Old Orchard Gallery in Webster Grove for I am super excited for next week! Hope to see you there.

Freedom T/C10X8" Soft Pastel
Freedom T/C10X8″ Soft Pastel


In process….

Process, process, process…the important thing for an artist to do is work on different processes…to move forward in their works. In these two pieces I have been working on, I took time to investigate cloud forms by watching the sunset. As you can see the picture is in it’s beginning stages slowly heading into a maturer form. The other piece is based off shapes and maps that have become a interest to me as of lately. I find myself looking from my works at my residency and realizing I was focusing on places I have been to and some cultures I have interacted with. Is it a step forward yes. It is nice to simplify your art pieces to make them beautiful just like this finished piece:

Finished map


So fans as you can see, artist take different processes in order to create works of art. It has been an enjoyable experience and I can not wait to show you what’s next in my studio! I have a couple things coming soon so please stay tune!

Works of Art

Sale!Yes I am in the process of putting my works of art up for sale!In this ever changing world, an artist must promote oneself not only in public, but on the web, through social media, etc. I can not wait to put these works up for sale: some from my residency and others from past years. So fans and friends start looking at the spaces in your homes and businesses, especially if you are looking for a unique one of kind art works! I hope you are all as excited as I am! Now back to the drawing board of creating awesome maps and art works.

If you are looking for prints or other small images for a reasonable price check out my Society6 page too!

Especially if you like my toy art! There are a couple of cute prints you can buy and reminisce of simpler times.

I do commissions too, please email me at [email protected] with the subject line commission art.