Artist Heading Off!!!!

Hello all!

I am now on a train heading to Kansas City,MO and then to Albuquerque, NM. It is going to be an amazing trip down to the Southwest. I can not wait to create the next two weeks and relax. It will be an inspirational and creative experience! I think I packed enough sunscreen so I shouldn’t be totally crispy when I come back to St. Louis, MO.

Right now I am enjoying the view on the train and listening to the small conversations that are taking place. These are usually the best times to think, write, and create. If you have not taken a train I highly recommend to do take a trip by train. It is a very relaxing experiences.

I will be posting images here on my website and on my Facebook Page: So please like and follow me on my journey in my residency!

As for now I am taking time to reflect on where I have been as an artist and where I need to be heading. These next two weeks will be the best weeks of my life as an artist! Here’s to a new adventure! Truth or Consequences here I come.

Artist Residency!

Artist in Residence a time when I can create!

Well fans, in 13 days I will be traveling down to Truth or Consequences, NM to start in my first artist residency at Starry Night Residency. I am super excited about this opportunity to take some time to develop my art work. As I have told my students apply to different residency when you are on break or done with school, it is a good way to reevaluate yourself and your works. I can not wait to work fully on my art work for two weeks and I can not wait to see what I create. Please stay tune. I will be uploading a blog site for everyone to follow! Happy Artist!

Exciting News

I have some exciting news to share with my fans this coming week! It involves art and more art. So please check back soon to find out this exciting news.


This evening I will be down at Old Orchard Gallery in Webster Grove participating in 33April.  I am excited to be apart of this show! I can not wait to see everyone down there! The show will be up till May 4th, so definitely come down and see it when you get a chance.


Instagram a quick snap shot of art works.  As I have been working on my art work more in the studio, I noticed I created a lot of miniature pieces from my larger works.  This little works are more of a progression of ideas in works that will become big later on down the road.  So I have decided to join Instagram to document my process.  You can follow me here:  I will be posting up to date images of works in progress and inspiring images.  So if you are on Instagram please follow me.

Layers and layers led to..

play    Here’s is a new piece I have been working on the past couple of weeks.  Dealing with layers and more layers of paint and ink. I think it has turned out really well! I will be starting a new series based off this inner movement we all have. Can not wait to see where this will take me.

January works

When putting new ideas into play, I put down rough sketches that I eraser and rework til I feel the paper has a beautiful history of mark making behind it. This is done first before placing that solid mark which defines the art work. I leave a history behind for the viewer to see and enjoy the energy I have place on the paper.