Scopes of the Landscape

As an artist I found the landscape to be one of my favorite ideas to paint. 

Acrylic painting in process
Another landscape painting in progress


My media of choice is Acrylic Paints and I have been focusing on movement and colors in a landscape. How do our eyes perceive colors on different days of the week? Is it always bright, or is it dull? These are some of the questions I am going to answer in these pieces. Please share and follow me on Instagram: @amircsov for more updates!

New Art Works

New works of art in progress!

Shapes, colors, and light.



Soft Pastel drawing of the moon. 20X30"
Soft Pastel drawing of the moon. 20X30″
Acrylic Paint 10X10"  Unfinished
Acrylic Paint

Happy Holidays!!!!

Happy Holidays to all my fans and friends! I hope everyone is enjoying the ending of 2014 and getting ready to ring in the New Year for 2015! As I finish up this year I have been working on a couple new series that I will be posting soon for my fans enjoyment. I am also in the process of starting out something new and I can not wait to share with you all. I wish everyone Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year! Stay Tune!


In process….

Process, process, process…the important thing for an artist to do is work on different processes…to move forward in their works. In these two pieces I have been working on, I took time to investigate cloud forms by watching the sunset. As you can see the picture is in it’s beginning stages slowly heading into a maturer form. The other piece is based off shapes and maps that have become a interest to me as of lately. I find myself looking from my works at my residency and realizing I was focusing on places I have been to and some cultures I have interacted with. Is it a step forward yes. It is nice to simplify your art pieces to make them beautiful just like this finished piece:

Finished map


So fans as you can see, artist take different processes in order to create works of art. It has been an enjoyable experience and I can not wait to show you what’s next in my studio! I have a couple things coming soon so please stay tune!

Layers and layers led to..

play    Here’s is a new piece I have been working on the past couple of weeks.  Dealing with layers and more layers of paint and ink. I think it has turned out really well! I will be starting a new series based off this inner movement we all have. Can not wait to see where this will take me.

January works

When putting new ideas into play, I put down rough sketches that I eraser and rework til I feel the paper has a beautiful history of mark making behind it. This is done first before placing that solid mark which defines the art work. I leave a history behind for the viewer to see and enjoy the energy I have place on the paper.